Monday, July 7, 2014

Gravely Angelic

I loved this figure immediately as I passed it in the cemetery. Her wings seemed ready to actually pull her up into the sky. I like how the drawing came out, although the mosquitoes were biting so I failed to get the detail in the wings that I wanted.

Oak Hill Cemetery (Washington D.C.) on July 6, 2014

Second Guessing Assumptions

So I decided that it's challenging to capture someone else's rendition of a human being. Instead of being able to make my own assumptions on the texture of cloth or hair, I have to work from someone else's assumption. Good to know that it's not my favorite.

Oak Hill Cemetery (Washington D.C.) on July 6, 2014

Happy with Hesitancy

Not of fan of this hurried drawing technique. The only part I do like was the still moment between the two figures that I captured. I'm pretty sure it was their first date, maybe a second. I am happy with the hesitancy between them.

National Mall (Washington D.C.) on July 4, 2014

A Warped and Weathered Perspective

This one is just bizarre. I liked the tree, but the ladies enjoying the weather really warped the perspective of the drawing. They seem to be separate drawings but also not? Oh well, I had fun with the tree.

Rittenhouse Square Park (Philadelphia, PA) on June 29, 2014

Abe Lincoln, Thanks For the View

While I was drawing this, I hated the landscape and the woman on the right. Still don't like how the woman came out, but the reflecting pond and bushes grew on me. Ew, pun. Also I like the Kardashian-type lady on the left.

Steps of the Lincoln Memorial (Washington D.C.) in June 2014

Baby Mario and His Dad

I didn't get a good picture of the little boy or his brother, but he had a tiny little Mario hat on. Also I like the scribbled texture of the dad's hair.

Steps of the Lincoln Memorial (Washington D.C.) in June 2014

Hurried Moments on an Unhurried Monument

Okay so this was just a straight up challenge. These people sat down for what felt like 45 seconds and then were up and moving again! I probably should have focused on the one still feature in view, but there's no fun in that. I kind of like the bushes that line the reflecting pool.

Steps of the Lincoln Memorial (Washington D.C.) on a Friday evening in May...maybe June 2014? My bad.