Friday, August 24, 2012

Bewitching Braids

I had a lot of fun drawing these braids, despite the fact that they make me dizzy if I look at them for too long.
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 21st, 2012

Happy Burger King Crown

This was kind of a rushed drawing, but I'm glad I got the silly crown in there.
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 20th, 2012

A Little Messenger Bag

Definitely not my favorite drawing, but I was trying to capture how tiny she was.
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 20th, 2012

Little Boy and Curly Sue

Love this one and how they look like little kiddies when they are actually grown up. Check out the rad propeller hat.
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 20th, 2012

50 Shades of Pencil (no reference to the book...awkward)

I like the varying shades of darkness throughout this one.
-Stony Brook University on August 19th, 2012

A Stony Brook Fade

I like how he decided to take over two seats. More to draw = more to love...right?
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 17th, 2012

Hipster Bun

Glad I got a shot at this trendy tower of hair.
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 17th, 2012

Broad Shoulders and a Bun

He was moving around a lot, but his shoulders were actually that broad.
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 17th, 2012

The Original Turban

Got to draw a turban for the very first time and it was quite wonderful :). 
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 17th, 2012


Just adding a little swirl to her normal, black shirt.
-Orchard Park Wesleyan Church on August 5th, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Unproportional Sleepyhead

Alright so I didn't get all the proportions right, but to my credit his head was barely still because he was nodding off to sleep every 2 seconds.
-Battelle Auditorium (WA) on July 31st, 2012

Some Locks and Dreads

I love that he had such glamorous locks and she had some badass dreads.
-Battelle Auditorium (WA) on July 24th, 2012

Crispy with a Floating Arm

Despite the fact that her arm is nonexistent, I really enjoyed drawing her shirt. It looked so crispy.
-EMSL (WA) on July 23rd, 2012

Another Pen Fail.

It was just blah altogether.
-EMSL (WA) on July 23rd, 2012

A Pen Success

This is the first pen drawing that I have ever liked...ever. Sweet.
-EMSL (WA) on July 23rd, 2012

Slouched Slanting

I'm not sure why he was leaning so far but I think he may have been sleeping...
-Battelle Auditorium (WA) on July 17th, 2012

Ugh, Pen.

I only had a pen to draw with and it was THE WORST.
-Battelle Auditorium (WA) on July 16th, 2012

A Full Duo

Really satisfied with this drawing. I think the arm just works well--way to go, dude.
-Battelle Auditorium (WA) on June 18th, 2012

Grainy Hair

Check out how the waves of her hair work with the grain of the wood. I didn't even plan that.
-Central United Protestant Church (WA) on June 17th, 2012

What a Do (Hair-do)

-Not my favorite drawing, but I swear that was her actual hair-do.
-Central United Protestant Church (WA) on June 10th, 2012

The Bedazzler

-Oh man, this jean jacket was awesome. What made it even better was that person sitting next to her was wearing an identical jacket. I couldn't handle it so I only drew one of them. Cheap thrills here, my friends.
-Richland Baptist Church (WA) on June 3rd, 2012