Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Curvy Collar

-Big fan of that collar. I might have enhanced it a bit.
-Three Village Church on October 16th, 2011

What a Little Chair...

-Luckily she didn't fall off.
-Stony Brook University (NY) on October 13th, 2011

A Pair of Hearts

-I liked how they just merged together to form this heart-ish shape
-True North Community Church (NY) on October 9th, 2011

Mom+Dad+Baby Makes 3

-I liked the weird distances that she sat between her mom and dad.
-Three Village Church (NY) on September 18th, 2011

Pen. Again.

-I used pen was a mistake.
-Stony Brook Intervarsity meeting on September 15th, 2011

I Found Rapunzel

-The hair just kept going!
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 23rd, 2011

There She Is!

-Finally drew a picture of this precious one :).
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 20th, 2011

The Boys are Cool

-Sitting through more lectures during RA training
-Stony Brook University (NY) August 19th, 2011

Whoops, a Crooked Head

-I swear her head was tilted like that. Now it just looks weird.
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 19th, 2011

A Little Lady and Beyonce

-Delightful moments at RA Training
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 19th, 2011

Lovely Lady, RA Training

-My lovely friend at the beginning of boring RA training
-Stony Brook University (NY) on August 19th, 2011